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A Podcast

Hosted by Tressa glover

We're asking the people of our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to tell us their stories of a time when someone changed their lives for the better. Could have been a friend, a stranger, a colleague...

Our podcast, Yinz Are Good, shares those stories of all the someones who have lifted us up. 


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CALL our toll free number: 1-833-399-GOOD


EMAIL us at

The phone number is an automated line that will prompt you as necessary to leave your story on our voicemail system. We will then play the voicemails during our podcasts.

We ask that that you please leave us your first name, what neighborhood of Pittsburgh you live in, and a phone number or email address where we may reach you. We will not use your story in any way without getting in touch with you first.

**Logo by Mike Rubino


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