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Student Testimonials

"What a joy to learn from Tressa Glover! She patiently and generously trained us in craft while sharing a host of practical advice and knowledge.

And it was a special treat to work with Don DiGiulio. His clearly communicated vision and guidance helped me to think about the character and play in a way that made my work so much better."

-Kathleen D., Adult Acting Lab Student

"Don and Tressa are both incredible teachers, mentors, coaches and people I get to call my friends. As a third year student at Ithaca College's acting program, I can truly say that the level that Don and Tressa bring to coaching and teaching is at the level of Ithaca college. I worked with Don and Tressa the year before I applied to theater schools, and that experience made all the difference! I would highly recommend their help for the application and audition process!"

-Dan K., Private Coaching Student

"Before working with Don, I was caught up in my thoughts and over-analyzing every bit of action that I presented onstage. This, of course, created unnatural patterns that were immediately noticeable to any casting director. Don helped me utilize my body and mind impulses to create natural work onstage and gave me a huge advantage in understanding working with a character in given circumstances."

-Joseph P., Private Coaching Student

"Having the right coach made all the difference for me. Tressa made me feel comfortable and was ready at a moment's notice to help me with anything I needed. Whether it was table work or getting up and moving, she always let me do what I needed. She helped me find my particular voice and was very patient throughout the whole process. I have no doubt that working with Tressa is what got me into college." 

-Lexie S., Private Coaching Student

"Working with Tressa has been a constant blessing throughout my acting journey. She embodies the spirit of a working actor while also investing in each of her students' individuality to create a learning environment of freedom and discovery.  No matter what stage of acting, or even in life I may find myself, Tressa's humble and down-to-earth approach to teaching has allowed me to grow in confidence, embrace imperfections, and laugh along the way."

-Ashley G., Adult Acting Lab Student

"Coaching with Tressa helped me break out of my comfort zone when it came to monologue work and tap into more of my full potential as an actor. Working with both Tressa and Don was always a joy."

-Elise B., Private Coaching Student

"Tressa's enthsiasm about acting is infectious. WIthin a year of her classes, I got cast in a production with a professional theater company and had interest expressed in my work."

-Thomas H., Adult Acting Lab Student


  • NYU-Tisch School of the Arts
  • Cincinatti Conservatory of Music
  • The Hartt School
  • University of Michigan
  • Penn State University
  • Syracuse
  • Ithaca
  • University of the Arts
  • Boston University
  • Point Park University
  • Xavier
  • Seton Hill College
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